Ferreri Premium PSI




1. Understand you demand well:


     - Price.

     - Zones.

     - Characteristics.

     - Bedrooms.

     - Reason for purchase

We will carry out a market study before finalizing the search to find out if your desired property exists.

2. Contact our great Network of Collaborators


     - We will make a filter to be able to offer the properties that really fit.

     - We will visit properties personally to verify that they fit within the demand.

     - We will select the best and prepare the visit with the client.

Our extensive experience in the real estate sector and belonging to various professional networks allow us to access off-market properties..

3. Negotiation

     - We will negotiate to defend your interests with the agencies or private sellers.

     - Our client is you and we will look for the best offer within your demand.

More than 1.500 closed operations with their pertinent negotiations, throughout our career support us to archieve the best offer for you.

4. Documentation


     - We will review all the techical documentation; ITE, Cedula, Energy Certificate and latest community minutes.

     - We will also chech all legal documentation; Updated registry note and deeds.

     - We will prepare the earnest money defending the interests of the buyer and we will explain all future clauses.

We understand that when it comes to "the papers" it can cause mistrust and anguish, but both we and our legal department will be there to corroborate all the legality of each the steps to follow.


5. Accompaniment


     - We will advise on the financing of the purchase.

     - We will be at your side at all times until the moment of the public deed of sale.

     - If you wish, we will process the changes of ownership of the water, electricity, gas and internet service meters.

We understand people first of all, we know what it is like to face all the difficulties that can arise in the purchase and management of the purchase of a property. We have a lot of experience both with foreign clients who buy in our country and because of our experience in the US, of managing a site and laws that are not yours.


Summarizing why it is worth hiring a

Real Estate Personal Shopper


We offer you comfort: All those who have searched for properties at some point in portals, agencies and other media, have ended up tired of calling and no one answering or seeing properties that did not look at all like whats was published. Take advantage of more than 30 years of experience at your service.


Time for you: Do not waste more time visiting properties that are not whast you are looking for, do not be aware of looking for alerts, calling agencies and having to negotiate with professionals in the sector.


Professional advice: In the US it is very common for each buyer client to have their Realtor at their service, apart from th trust is knowing that every step that must be taken to buy the property, their agent will be by their side helping them at every step.